Photo on front cover by Linda Russo


An Anthology of Poetry and Photography by Long Islanders


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One Body


We are one body

Different voices

We . . . all beings

Living and nonliving

All parts of the same stuff

Each with unique stories


Every one of us

Us being all energy

Including light

We . . . one body

all in this together


Our combined voices

Each with its own impact

Add up to the All

One complete being


Our own voice --

Important to the whole

Precious, wild



Listen to the voices

all around you

Be part of this

One body



Tom Stock

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech , Apollo 8 Mission, 1968, Earthrise

This anthology is 444 pages of very personal writing and amazing images. It has been an honor and privilege to help create this work. It took 2 years, many hours working with the co-editors and artists included in this collection. I am thrilled to bring it to its conclusion . . . and to the poetry and photography community here on our island!



* The book is published by Island Sound Press in St. James--> Stony Brook,

     ** printed by Print Digital Plus in Ronkonkoma--> Melville,

          *** soft-bound by E&M Bindery & Finishing in Clifton, New Jersey and

               **** hard-bound byFrank Papp, Cross Island Bindary in Massapeuqua.



Small grey trees

seek shelter

behind the evening pines.

There I too

find you

as mist

as moss

in twilight tones.


to receive





Jennifer Rosoff

Joan Smith, Birches in Winter

Earthly Sacraments

        For Annabelle and Mark on their wedding day,  

                                                      August 21, 2010


Alone, except for the staccato calls of cardinals

flying in the blackness towards the feeders I have hung

with sunflower seeds. Two of them, a male and female,

Rothko images, silhouettes against the dark green lawn.

We are together, as this day’s light finds its way to the garden,

caresses the late summer flowers to open their closed

lips of fragrance. Parishioner of earthy sacraments, I allow

the day its calling, sip my tea watching the two of them

feed and sweet-talk the morning with their songs.

Capriciously, as if some unseen conductor has raised his baton,

the male’s calls are filled with tremolo, over and over

he repeats the motet, flying into the pines then back to the feeder.

Perched above her, he nods his head and body, dances to catch

her attention. She flutters her wings as though a fledgling,

her body a soft bow. I am told they mate for life, wonder

how many years they have created the rituals of this morning—

each year as though it has never been before, each year

the proposal, the engagement, the wedding.




Gladys Henderson

Christopher Lyndon-Gee’s Raised Baton


Paumanok II reveals the poetry behind the prose of the common world, reminding us of the beauty we are on the edge of forgetting, and therefore losing, in the rush of modern life. Many of the poems deal with love in all its variety, and the fine photographs enhance the words with portraits of nature, people, and everyday things. Together they create the intricate landscape of Paumanok. It is a tribute not only to the beauty and passion to be found on a small crowded island, but also to the extraordinary range of literary and artistic talents that make a book like this possible.


~David Bouchier, WSHU Public Radio, Author of Peripheral Vision and other books






Stuart McCallum

Ed Sambolin



Maxwell Corydon Wheat, Jr. 

J R Turek

Gayl Teller

Steven Schmidt

Linda Opyr

Charlene Knadle

Barbara Hoffman

Joan Higuchi

Gladys Henderson


and special thanks to

Claire Nicolas White

from Children of Adam:


I Sing the Body Electric, #4


I have perceiv’d that to be with those I like is enough,

To stop in company with the rest at evening is enough,

To be surrounded by beautiful, curious, breathing,

      laughing flesh is enough,

To pass among them or touch any one, or rest my arm ever

so lightly round his or her neck for a moment, what is this then?  

I do not ask any more delight- I swim in it as in a sea.


There is something in staying close to men and women

and looking on them, and in the contact and odor of them,

that pleases the soul well,

All things please the soul, but these please the soul well.



Walt Whitman

Gary Bartoloni, Montauk Surf DuoColor





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Ed Sambolin, Eyes That See


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